10 Must Have Baby Registry Items

With a baby on the way, you are overwhelmed with never-ending to-dos to welcome your baby. You are just waiting to see and hold your baby for the first time. These moments of excitement are beyond words. One of the most exciting, yet overwhelming thing to do is selecting items for your baby registry. If you are first-time parents, you must be wondering what all you need? These are some of the 10 main baby items you’ll want to stock up on in preparation for the baby’s arrival.  

Crib 10 Must Have Baby Registry Items


While your baby may not sleep in a crib for some time, this one's obvious! It should be safe and cute in your nursery, of course. When you purchase a crib for your baby, avoid cribs with drop rails as these are not safe. 

SleepOvation Infant Mattress 10 Must Have Baby Registry Items

Crib mattress: 

Infants spend most of their time napping and sleeping, so you’ll want to be sure your infant mattress is safe and meets standard guidelines. Always consider a mattress which offers comfort and safety benefits, such as breathable materials and pressure point relief to name a few. The Sleep Ovation Baby Mattress includes all safety standard features, but also uses “tiny mattress” technology aiming to reduce pressure points and properly align the infant’s spine.  Moreover, fabric and core are built with air channels bringing added breathability and comfort to the infant. 

Swaddle 10 Must Have Baby Registry Items

Swaddle blanket: 

Mothers have been swaddling their babies for hundreds of years. Swaddling an infant is an art and if you are a new parent, it will take time for you to swaddle your baby perfectly. Swaddling your little one gives them a peaceful and comfortable sleep and your baby feels more secure and comforted, just like they did in the womb. 

Baby Clothing 10 Must Have Baby Registry Items


This is also a must-need thing on your baby registry items. Mothers like to dress up their babies in cute clothes which they have just picked for their little one. Register for different sizes of baby clothes as most babies grow out of their sizes very quickly. You’ll also want to consider the seasons while buying their clothes and what age/size your child will be throughout their first year. There’s likely no need for a newborn sized coat if your baby is born in early summer.  

Diapers 10 Must Have Baby Registry Items


 As the baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive, the material of the diaper should be smooth and baby-friendly. While purchasing a diaper for your baby ensures that it has made up of soft and breathable material. Plus, there’s no such thing as too many diapers!  

Baby Bathtub 10 Must Have Baby Registry Items


Infants tend to get dirty more because of potty accidents and food mishaps. They require frequent cleaning. It is a big challenge especially for the first-time parent how to safely bathe your baby when it’s cleaning time. The safest and best thing for it is to use a baby bathtub. 

Baby soap and shampoo 10 Must Have Baby Registry Items

Baby soap and shampoo: 

Always choose mild, infant-safe shampoos and soaps that are specially made for a baby’s skin. Paraben-free products are often preferred by parents.  

Burp cloths 10 Must Have Baby Registry Items

Burp cloths: 

Burping is an important part of your child’s early life when they still need help getting rid of excess gas.  Burp cloths are an essential part of a baby’s feeding routine. They keep all those yucky fluids off you and your kid. Drape them over your shoulder, lap, or arm. Like diaper changes, feeding followed by burping happens many times throughout the day. Having a few days' worth of cloths is never a bad thing.  

Baby Bottles 10 Must Have Baby Registry Items


Whether you’re breastfeeding or formula-feeding, bottles always come in handy for travel, childcare and family outings. Always consider a bottle that has an extra-soft nipple, which makes for an easy latch, and an anti-colic nipple that flexes while the baby is feeding, helping to prevent air from getting in the baby’s tummy leading to gas and discomfort. 

Stroller 10 Must Have Baby Registry Items


The stroller makes everyday life easier especially if you are an outgoing person who loves to travel with their babies. It allows parents to have sanity and some peace of mind.