24 Best Postpartum Essentials for Mom and Baby

Discover everything that you and your baby will need during the postpartum period in our handy list. 

24 Best Postpartum Essentials for Mom and Baby

Essentials for mom 

1. Nursing pillow 

Nursing pillows provide support for your baby to protect your neck and shoulders from continued hunching. 

2. Sports bottle 

Fill a sports bottle with water and keep it next to your toilet to spray between your legs whilst you pee - the relief is incomparable! 

3. A helping hand 

Having someone to help clean, prepare meals, and look after the baby so that you can sleep will make the world of difference. 

4. Meals 

Having a few pre-prepared meals in the freezer will make dinners so much easier. If your friends and family want to help, try Meal Train 

5. Heating pads and ice packs - witch hazel pads 

Heating pads and ice pads are both effective ways to relieve soreness after birth. 

6. Nursing pads 

Once your milk comes in there’s no stopping it! You’ll want a clean supply of nursing pads on hand to use whilst feeding and in-between feeds. 

7. Breastpump 

If you’re planning to express milk, take the time to find a breast pump that will fit in with your lifestyle (consider size and noise!). 

8. Comfy clothing 

Stock up on comfortable pants and tops that can be worn easily whilst breastfeeding. 

9. Baby carrier 

A baby carrier gives your little one all of the cuddles they desire whilst keeping you hands-free! 

10. All-in-one pram and car seat 

Though you can purchase a pram and car seat as separate items, purchasing an all-in-one set makes it much easier to transfer your sleeping baby in and out of the car. 

24 Best Postpartum Essentials for Mom and Baby

Baby changing essentials 

11. Diapers and cotton pads 

Stock up on diapers, diapers, and more diapers - you’ll need them! 

12. Cotton pads 

Cotton pads used with water are the best and most gentle way to clean newborn skin. 

13. Diaper cream 

Diaper rash is the worst, avoid it by keeping your baby’s skin dry and applying a little cream or balm between changes. 

14. Diaper bag 

Invest in a diaper bag that meets all your new-mama needs - a place to store everything your baby needs as well as enough room for your must-haves whilst out of the house. 

15. Changing pad 

A foldable and waterproof changing pad might become your most-used baby product. Find something that fits easily into your diaper bag and can be cleaned in the laundry machine. 

24 Best Postpartum Essentials for Mom and Baby

Baby clothing essentials 

16. Zip-up sleepsuits 

When your baby needs changing in the middle of the night, you’ll be grateful that you opted for zips over poppers… 

 17. Layers 

Baby’s get cold much faster than adults and they’ll usually need to wear an extra layer at night! Layers (like jumpers and loose leggings) can also make it easier to dress/undress your baby according to the weather. 

18. Onesies 

You can never have too many onesies. Onesies with mittens built into them provide an easy way to keep your baby’s skin safe from their tiny but sharp nails. 

19. Hats 

Have a couple of hats handy to keep your newborn nice and warm outside the house.  

Baby sleep essentials 

20. Bassinet 

Take your time shopping from the world of bassinets to find something that’s suitable for your family and easy to use. 

21. Mattress 

Baby’s need a firm and supportive mattress for optimum safety and skeletal development. See our range of baby-safe mattresses here. 

22. Crib sheets 

Have enough clean crib sheets on hand so that you can quickly change your baby’s bedding during the night if they spit up in their sleep. 

23. Nightlight 

A nightlight will enable you to see your baby during the night and feed them with ease without having to use a bright lamp. 

24. White noise machine 

White noise machines emit a sound that can cover any noise that might otherwise wake your baby. 

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