30 Baby Names Perfect For 2021

If you’ve made it here, congrats! You’re having a baby! You are a parent now or you are soon to be a parent. The first and best thing parents can give their child is a good and beautiful nameWe’ve curated 30 lovely, trendy names to browse for 2021. Everything from unique to classic, we’re sure you’ll find one you love. Or at least give you some inspiration. Enjoy 

  1. Adalyn - means “noble.”  
  2. Ava - this name is a Latin variant of eve, meaning to live. 
  3. Mia - Mia means 'my', 'mine', or 'dear'. It is usually derived from the name Maria. 
  4. Ella - this beautiful name for girl means ‘beautiful, fairy Maiden, Goddess. 
  5. Rylee - Rylee as a girl's name is of Irish origin meaning "courageous or valiant". 
  6. Camila - The name Camila is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "young ceremonial attendant". 
  7. Nova - From the Latin term nova means new, Nova also refers to the creation of a star. 
  8. Lily - This is a feminine given name directly derived from lily, the flower. The name is derived from the flower, whose meaning is "pure", "passion" and "rebirth". 
  9. Elena - it is a girl's name is of Greek origin meaning "sunray or shining light". 
  10. Hazel - The name Hazel is a girl's name of English origin meaning "the hazelnut tree". 
  11. Zoey - The name Zoey means Life and is of Greek origin. 
  12. Foster - This beautiful name means "forester” and works for both genders.  
  13. Maya - This is a female name which means "illusion or magic". 
  14. Eliana - this beautiful name means “my God has answered me”. 
  15. Nora - Nora is a feminine personal name that means honor. 
  16. Noah - This is a famous biblical and Hebrew name that means rest and comfort. 
  17. Liam - This is an Irish name that means helmet of will and guardian. 
  18. Benjamin - the name Benjamin is a popular given name for males, derived from Hebrew translating as "Son of the right hand". 
  19. Lucas - The meaning of this beautiful name is “light. 
  20. James - the meaning of James is the one who grasps the “heel or supplanter.” 
  21. Aiden - It is an Irish name meaning “little fire.” 
  22. Leo - this is a Latin name. It is usually a masculine given name and it comes from the Latin word Leo meaning "lion" and “strength.” 
  23. Ethan - Ethan is a male given name of Hebrew origin that means "firm, enduring, strong and long-lived". 
  24. Daniel this is a boy's name that is related to the Hebrew origin, meaning "God is my judge". 
  25. Silas “Of the forest,” which pretty much means your baby will love the great outdoors! 
  26. Soren - Scandinavian Origin, meaning “severe.” 
  27. Emery - this name means “work ruler.” 
  28. Harvey - French origin, means “battle warrior. 
  29. Mason - The name Mason means Stone Worker, Brick Layer, and is of English origin. Mason is a name that's been used by parents who are considering unisex or baby names. 
  30. Emmett - “Universal” or “truth,” a name adopted from the feminine Germanic Emma.