5 Calming Nursery Colors That Soothe Baby

Do I need bold or bright colors in the nursery? What impact will color in the nursery have on my child? These are some of the most significant decisions you have to make when preparing to paint your baby's nursery. This also includes the colors of blankets, rocking chairs, toys, and other stuff you use in the nursery.  

Gone are the days when all we could think of were the standard primary colors like blue. Remember, this is where your kid will be spending most of the time, and it is therefore essential to shaping emotions using the colors you choose. Below are five calming nursery colors that you can choose from. Here we go;   

Creamy White 

Creamy White 5 Calming Nursery Colors That Soothe Baby

This is a typical color that you can find on most walls, including offices. It creates a soothing white haven that instills a feeling of peace and serenity. White blended with colors like blue is not the best for a soothing feeling but instead, go for creamier shades. Some of the creamier shades that you can choose are vanilla, antique, and soft ivory white. 

Another advantage of creamy white shades is the brightness. Unlike ordinary white, creamy white warm and not shouting or too bright. 

Earthy Neutrals 

Earthy Neutrals 5 Calming Nursery Colors That Soothe Baby

Just like the creamy white, neutral shades are also great for creating a grounding and warm atmosphere. Note that your baby is developing eyes, and bright colors significantly affect this process. Neutral shades help your little angel to unwind and sleep. 

If you are planning to have more children, neutral shades are the best. Your young ones feel more safe and cozy with neutrals. Some of the typical shades you can choose from include taupe, light tan, and light beige. 

Soft Greens 

Soft Greens 5 Calming Nursery Colors That Soothe Baby

This should not be confused with other shades of green that are incredibly bright and bold. Green is a color associated with well-being, healing, and health, making it perfect for reducing anxiety. Your kid is likely to feel more secure and thrive in the presence of soft green. 

Green is also associated with nature and can increase the concentration of a child as well as the reading ability. Go for medium or light greens like moss and sage. Others that you can choose from include seafoam and mint for healthy living. 

Light Greys 

Light Greys 5 Calming Nursery Colors That Soothe Baby

Grey is known for provoking and promoting emotions. However, it would be best not to go for stormy and dark greys, making the room dull. This is the only place where you have to consider a blue shade like a blue-grey. In most cases, grey looks soft and great when paired with pretty pastel accents and crisp white trim. 

Pale Purples 

Pale Purples 5 Calming Nursery Colors That Soothe Baby

Purple is associated with spirituality and wisdom. Sounds good; who wouldn't want to have a wise child? Purple is a color that goes very well with blue and pink lovers because it lies in between. Lighter purple shades like lilac and lavender are the best for a soothing feeling than the thicker shades. 

Bottom Line 

We are all different, and so are our choices. You will be spending the most time with your little one in that room, so getting the colors YOU love is the best. It is common to find someone choosing a color that matches most accessories in the room. That's not bad, but it is vital if you consider the colors that you love.