5 Tips for Keeping Your Baby Warm on Cold Nights

Among the most fundamental issues that all moms encounter is keeping their babies warm and comfortable during the cold winter nights. In the winter, mainly when it gets chilly outside, it's troublesome for babies to control their body temperature, making them more susceptible to cough, cold, and flu. 

So, you must understand how you can help your child maintain a steady body temperature during the winter, especially at night. Continue reading to know the top five ways you can keep your baby nice and warm through the cold winter nights.  

5 Tips for Keeping Your Baby Warm On Cold Nights

1. No Blankets or Loose Bedding 

According to experts, "soft surfaces, loose bedding, or other objects that can raise the chance of confinement, suffocation, or castration" should be kept out of a baby's sleep zone until the baby is one year old. So, this means absolutely no blankets. [1] 

Instead, use a firm baby mattress lined with a high-quality, fitted sheets to keep your baby's bed warm from the bottom.  

5 Tips for Keeping Your Baby Warm On Cold Nights

2. Maintain A Comfortable Indoor Temperature  

You may be concerned about the baby being too cold, but excessive indoor heat may also be an issue. Indoor heating contains low humidity, and the absence of moisture in the air will dry your baby's fragile skin. To prevent this, keep the temperature comfy but not too hot (65°F to 68°F) as your child is asleep. This may not only help baby’s skin but can also reduce the chance of SIDS. [2] 

5 Tips for Keeping Your Baby Warm On Cold Nights

3. Dress Your Baby Appropriately for Colder Nights  

You should dress your baby at night based on how you feel and how you will dress yourself. So, if you're just cozy in light pajamas one night, your kid may be as well. However, since your infant may not have a cover, you might want to layer them a little warmer, or a thicker swaddle for newborns. 

But don't go too far. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises that you should only dress your child in one more layer than you do yourself. 

5 Tips for Keeping Your Baby Warm On Cold Nights

 4. Keep the Wind Away from Baby 

The location of your baby's crib in the nursery also impacts how relaxed the kid would be while sleeping. Keep the crib or bassinet at least a few steps away from air vents, windows, fans, and exterior walls. 

5 Tips for Keeping Your Baby Warm On Cold Nights

5. Keep A Humidifier Running 

Since you will be turning on the heat more often, you must keep your humidifier plugged in and working to keep your baby in the optimal relative humidity. If your baby has Eczema, and the low humidity from the heat exacerbates it, then a humidifier is a must. 

Tip for Safety   

Don't cover the baby's head whenever sleeping indoors. Since an excessive amount of heat is emitted by the baby's head, this may result in overheating. Once asleep, check if the baby is sweating, flushed, or breathing fast. Reduce the temperature in the baby's bed, or simply remove the swaddle or cap. 

In conclusion  

We hope that our guide will assist your little ones in snuggling down, getting warm and cozy, and staying safely relaxed as they sleep at night. There is no denying that keeping your infant at the right temperature would improve the duration of their sleep.  

5 Tips for Keeping Your Baby Warm On Cold Nights


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