Breastfeeding Guide For The Struggling Mom

Time for a reality check first - Motherhood is no joke! It is a struggling, tough phase for almost every other new mom. Because of the lack of experience, many mothers consider that they are just not giving their best and despite giving all their efforts, they are greatly lacking on their part. 

Where any of this isn’t true, the only thing that matters for a new mom is - no matter how many kids she has, her experience with each kid is going to be an entirely different one.  

Just because other moms have so much to tell you about how perfectly experienced and ‘used to’ they have become with their kids and their tantrums does not imply that you are a failure. You should always remember that every child and every Mom is different and therefore, different strategies and tricks work for every person in this world. 

Breastfeeding is one of such looming ‘issues’ that can often frustrate new mothers beyond their capacity.  

The frequency of feeds, the time between feeds, the correct position to facilitate not just the baby but your aching back as well - there seem to be way too many issues to take care of!  

Therefore, compiled here are 10 awesome and life-saving tips that are definitely going to help the struggling moms with their respective breastfeeding blues.

Breastfeeding Guide For The Struggling Mom