Simple Sleep Training Methods That Will Help Parents and Their Baby Get Some Rest

Does your baby struggle to sleep at night? Do you experience difficulty in making your kid sleep throughout the night? If yes, let’s go through some simple sleep training techniques to make things easier for yourself and your baby. We will discover what sleep training methods are and how they help in getting rest for both the baby and the parent. 

Sleep training methods are designed to teach your baby to calm themselves during the night so that they can enjoy a sound sleep. These training methods ensure that both the parents and their child get a sound sleep during the night to start their a new and refreshing day. 

3 Best Sleep Training Methods for Toddlers 

Here we have discussed a few of the very best sleep training methods to ensure that you and your kid enjoy a sound sleep during the night. So, stay connected and let’s get started. 

1. Gradual Extinction Method 

The Gradual Extinction Method, or interval method, involves checking your child when he starts crying for longer intervals instead of not crying at all. This method encourages parents to check in their kids immediately for the first few nights and then gradually increasing the time before checking in. 

This method encourages parents to show their face to the kids to realize that their parents are nearby. However, experts recommend that parents should not grab their children and should not stay close to them for more than 2-3 minutes during the check-ins. 

Studies claim that the Gradual Extinction Method posed significant sleep benefits for babies and had no long-term drawbacks on parents and kids. It didn't even disrupt the child's emotions. 

2. The Check and Console Method 

The Check and Console Method is somewhat similar to the Gradual Extinction Method. The significant difference is that this method involves parents checking their baby before they start crying instead of checking after they start crying. 

After putting a baby to sleep, this method encourages parents to check them after every few minutes to reassure the child and help him settle down. However, parents can increase the check-in time gradually until the baby eventually falls asleep. 

Remember that this method does not work for everyone. The sleep foundation warns that there are probable chances that some children might get excited every time their parents come in for a check-in. This excitement may make them upset every time the parents leave. 

3. The Camping Out Method 

The Camping Out Method is quite indifferent to the two discussed previously. This method encourages parents to stay in their infant’s room until he falls asleep. Initially, you have to stay as close to your child as possible while they are falling asleep. 

Parents then gradually move farther apart each night and reaching a point when they no longer have to be in the room. 

Parents using this method should provide minimal physical comfort if their baby starts crying. If parents see their babies crying, they should try to comfort them by maintaining a physical distance. 

Final Words 

Helping your infants fall asleep at night is quite a challenging task. Most parents end up compromising their child's sleep during the night when a new baby is born. We hope these sleep training methods will make things easier for you and help you and your baby enjoy a sound sleep during the night.