2022 National Parenting Product Award Winner

The SleepOvation Baby mattress is an innovative product designed to combat plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome). The patented design reduces pressure on the head while keeping the spine correctly aligned. It comes with a removable and washable cover, and the interior mattress core has built-in air channels to increase breathability, while also providing temperature regulation. The 2-stage design provides use for both newborn and toddler phases.

Evaluation comments:

“This is a fantastic product.”

“Our old mattress is stiff and bulky. It was always a struggle to reach into the crib and change the sheets. The SleepOvation mattress is more flexible and lighter, making it easier to work with. The washable, waterproof cover is a breeze to change and wash.”

“There are two sides, a baby side and a toddler side. The baby side is a little denser to create a safe sleep environment. The air channels built into the mattress core support the baby safely without putting too much pressure on the spine or skull, potentially resulting in plagiocephaly. They also increase breathability and help keep the baby’s body temperature regulated. This mattress solves all my concerns about newborn sleep!”

“I feel very comfortable with my newborn sleeping on it. I want one in my size!”

“The cover is extremely easy to remove, wash, and put back on. There’s no wrestling involved! It makes a parent’s job easier.”

“A crib mattress is certainly one of the most useful things you buy as a mom – and especially if it’s one that can be repurposed into a toddler bed…This mattress has a lot of really helpful features – I also really like the breathability component for temperature regulation.”

“Right now I am a big fan of the skull protection, this product arrived right on time as my pediatrician recommended a mattress like this due to the way my daughter has been sleeping in her crib.”

Read full review here: https://www.nappaawards.com/product/sleepovation-baby-mattress/